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American Girl and Affirm Payments

I'm going to AG today, wahoo! I can't wait to get my new dolls.

Anyways, this new program that AG has on their website will HELP you get more new dolls! Any item $50 or more, you can now pay off with a program called Affirm. Say, I want a Girl of the Year 2024 doll in a few years, but I only have my college student money and that's going to college fees and producing my movies. I could go on AG's site, pay $39 for the doll now and get her, and pay 2 other payments of $39 when I'm ready and not that broke anymore. How cool is that?

P.S: Sorry for the uncropped image, I'm on my dad's computer that can't crop stuff. Have fun staring at my secret projects and my GARNiDELiA music! ;)

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