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American Girl's Newest Historical Character- Estelle? Releasing 2020

After three years straight of releasing a new historical doll every year, AG hasn't released any in 2018 or 2019. But AGDN reader Charlotte found out that in 2020, American Girl will be releasing a brand-new historical character!

We don't know anything about the doll for certain besides the release year, but I decided to research my theories on who the doll could be.

The names that have been trademarked are 'Estelle' and 'Gwynn'. 'Joss Kendrick' has also been trademarked, but I believe that will be 2020's Girl of the Year, who if tradition repeats itself, we'll find out more about next month.

Gwynn has been more popular recently, so I believe it's probably a placeholder name that AG will eventually kill (like Barbara, Della and Averly). And besides, Gwen was both a Hopscotch Hill doll and Chrissa's best friend who was turned into a doll!

This brings us to Estelle. Sorry if I'm about to hurt everyone who's hoping for an 80's doll's feelings, but if her name's Estelle, that ain't happening. It's peak was in the 1890's, but knowing American Girl's love for the 20th century, it's more likely for it to be a 1920's doll- after all, it would be 100 years since the 20's in 2020!

The 1920's was a pretty cool time. Women got the right to vote, Edith Wilson was the president in everything but name, prohibition was a thing (ok, maybe not that cool), the Harlem Renaissance was going on (even though I doubt they'll make another black doll because Melody's filling that role right now and AG likes to have one at a time), radio was on the rise, as well as cars, electricity, celebrities... there's a lot for AG to touch on! We'll just have to wait and see what they come up with next year...

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