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Doll of the Week: Molly!

Molly is the Doll of the Week this week!

Molly was released on September 14, 1986 as part of the original 3 dolls- the American Girls Collection- alongside Kirsten and Samantha. She has the Classic face mold, brown hair, and grey eyes. She also wears glasses and is the only doll that comes with them. Her meet outfit was a sweater and black skirt from 1986 until 2013 and a blue sweater and plaid skirt in 2018.

Molly lives in the fictional town of Jefferson, Illinois with her mom Helen, her brothers Ricky and Brad, her sister Jill and a housekeeper named Mrs. Gilford in 1943. Her dad, James, is overseas serving as a doctor in World War II.

In Meet Molly, she and her friends Linda and Susan try to get back at Molly's brother Ricky as payback for ruining their Halloween costumes- but they learn the importance of NOT fighting, also known as 'Kids Know More About Diplomacy than World Leaders'. In Molly Learns A Lesson, after the show-off Alison picks a 'impossible' idea for their project for the Lend A Hand war effort contest, Molly decides to go her own way- and that ends in Molly spying on the others and learning a lesson. In Molly's Surprise, Molly tries to cheer her family up after her grandparents can't come for Christmas and her dad's stuck overseas- and she ends up getting the best surprise of her own. In Happy Birthday, Molly, a English girl named Emily comes to stay with Molly as they plan a party together- but when the two fight, it takes a birthday surprise for them to make amends. In Molly Saves The Day, it takes Molly to overcome her fear of swimming for her camp friends to win the Color War game. Finally, in Changes for Molly, Molly gets sick as she tries to curl her hair for the Miss Victory performance, but even though she can't perform, she gets the best happy ending- her dad comes home.

Molly retired with her best friend doll, Emily, in 2013 (at first I thought it was for Maryellen's release, but now I think about it they were retiring most of the dolls with best friends for BeForever). She then came back as a Costco exclusive in 2018.

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