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How Being In High School Gets You Free Doll Stuff

I started high school three weeks ago! It's been okay so far, but tomorrow I'm getting free doll stuff because of it. How, you may ask? I didn't even ask for it, but...

At my school, we have a lunch time and a free half-hour with activities throughout the school. Today was the first day of the activities- and it was such a chaotic mess, even the library was full! But me, my friend Kierra, and this new girl (let's call her M)* remembered that our friend Jade's mom's a teacher, so we ran over to her room and decided to chill and talk instead of doing any of the activities.

This was literally the first time I met M, so she asked me some more about what I like to do. I told her that I want to be a filmmaker, and I told her about my AGSMs. My friends also told her about Special Dolls and AGDN- they're awesome!

After, M told me that she has a bunch of AG clothes and stuff that she doesn't use anymore, and asked if I wanted it. Of course I said YES!

So, kids, if you're not shy about your doll passion, you might get free stuff from the people who don't use their doll stuff anymore when you're older. I promise I'll make a haul video tomorrow and post my haul here too!

Have you ever gotten free doll stuff from a friend or family member before? I got my Girls of Many Lands dolls from my cousins, a doll bed from my sister's friend and I got 3 dolls and some clothes from my sister's ex-friend like five years ago, so this wasn't my first time!

*Kierra and Jade are going to be in Rebelle so they're probably fine with me using their names on AGDN but IDK about M so we'll just call her that

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