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American Girl Fall 2019 Release Part 2!

I went back to the AG store today and got to take some more pictures! Here they are:

Maryellen's Sledding Outfit- $48

Maryellen's Sled- $65

Josefina and Kit's 'cube' section

Another pic of Maryellen and her sled

Kaya's Doll- $28

Kaya's Trading Feast and Tulle Mat- $48

Beaver- $22

Kaya's Dog, Talto- $26

They're changing the packaging for existing items as well!

Elf on the Shelf Set- $28

I love this new display!

The Bitty Babies got new packaging- I didn't notice, but my cashier did and I ran to take a picture!

Lastly, Melody's new packaging!

This is such a cute release! It's honestly one of the best AG's done in a while. I made a video on my YouTube of me opening the Elf on the Shelf Set, Warm Wishes Pajamas and Maryellen's Pretty Pink Dress, so click here and check it out!

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