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Top 10 American Girl of the Year Dolls

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

What do you do when things are getting angsty over in your script?* You procrastinate and make a list of the top 10 GOTYs.

Honorable Mention: Sonali. I put her as an honorable mention since she's a companion doll, but not only is she pretty and the origin of a face mold, but her story of bullying others and then changing after seeing the damage it does is so moving. To be honest, the kids at my high school could learn a thing or two from that!

10. Kailey. Sure, the classic face mold and blond hair isn't the most unique look in the world. But her story of fighting to save the tide pools is pretty epic, and more entertaining than "oh no I have a wedding to plan this summer!"

9. Lanie. Another case of not so unique looks, epic story. Lanie was truly ahead of her time in the environmental activism department, I could totally see her leading a climate change protest today!

8. Kanani. It's the opposite here. Kanani was one of the prettiest dolls AG ever made in the history of EVER, yet her story was boring. "Oh no, my cousin's homesick!"

7. Saige. She's so pretty and her story's cool. There.

6. Marisol. Girl of the Year when I was born, really special to me, and all-around awesome. Remember, kids, Marisol walked so Isabelle could jog so Gabriela could run.

5. Chrissa. Three words: all around ICON. And besides, what other doll brought us 2 others?

4. Mia. LEGENDARY. The only Girl of the Year I could name that wasn't upper-middle class, and still a legend, no matter if she gets with Victoria Nikiforov in canon or not. (If anyone got my Mia on Ice reference KUDOS TO YOU!)

3. Grace. Another legend. What other Girl of the Year ran her own business?

2. Gabriela. You guys know that I love her too much. She's an awesome doll!

1. LUCIANA. Awesome doll, awesome story, awesome collection. Awesome EVERYTHING. She wins.

*-Shameless plug: Rebelle now has an Instagram that I made to post on when I'm shooting! Follow my bizarre adventure in making a feature-length AGSM movie at @rebellemovie.

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