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Let's Face It: Joss Won't Be A Josefina Mold

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Did anyone like my pun? (I've been watching too much Miraculous Ladybug- oops.)

Anyways, I was sleeping last night when I noticed a pattern with the recent Girl of the Year dolls. I know it's strange to come up with theories in the middle of the night, but I still remember it, so here goes!

Recently, the Josefina mold has been the mold of choice for the Girl of the Year dolls. After years of Classic mold dolls as GOTY, AG decided to switch it up. As a fan of this mold, I'm glad! But I noticed a pattern that may prove that Joss may not be a Josefina mold.

Back when the Classic mold was the mold of choice for the Girls of the Year, the pattern normally went like this:

-Lindsey (Classic)

-Kailey (Classic)

-Marisol (Josefina)


-Nicki (Classic) -Mia (Classic)

-Chrissa (Josefina) -Lanie (Classic)

-Kanani (Jess)

-McKenna (Josefina)

-Saige (Classic)

-Isabelle (Classic)

There were times where AG went two years without a Classic mold GOTY (like Marisol and Jess, and Kanani and McKenna), but there was also times where AG only went one year without a Classic (Chrissa). But no matter how many years we caught a break from the Classic mold, one thing was for sure: American Girl could repeat a mold twice, but NEVER three times.

Now that the Josefina mold is the mold of choice for the Girls of the Year, things have changed a little: but the formula still technically remains the same.

-Grace (Josefina)

-Lea (Josefina)

-Gabriela (Sonali)

-Luciana (Josefina)

-Blaire (Josefina)

-Joss (?)

Grace and Lea were Josefinas, Gabriela wasn't. Luciana and Blaire were Josefinas... and from what we've noticed, American Girl NEVER repeats molds three times.

So, there's no way in the name of the moon that Joss can be a Josefina mold.

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