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Crazy Adult Things Girls Of The Year Can Do

My sister Sierra turned 18 last week, and I still haven't fully processed that she's an adult. We also were talking on FaceTime yesterday and reminiscing about old Girl of the Years- isn't it crazy Grace will be five years ago next year? I remember leaking things about her like it was yesterday... so I was thinking, what crazy adult things can old Girls of the Year do now? Let's see:

-Lindsey and Kailey can run for the U.S House of Representatives.

-Nicki and everyone before her are out of college.

-Mia and everyone before her can legally drink.

-Lanie can run for Governor of Massachusetts.

-Kanani and everyone before her are now legal adults.

-McKenna is in her last year of high school and can join the military (so can everyone before her)

-Saige and everyone before her can get their driver's licenses and legally work.

-Isabelle and everyone before her can get their driver's permits.

-Grace, Gabriela and Luciana are in their last years of middle school.

Isn't this CRAZY? And to think that they were literally just nine-ten years old and doing cute Girl of the Year things...

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