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This isn't clickbait. A select few American Girl dolls are on sale RIGHT NOW!


  • Corinne Doll and Book

  • Makena Doll and Book

  • Evette Doll and Book

  • Truly Me 44

  • Truly Me 64

  • Truly Me 67

  • Truly Me 75

  • Truly Me 77

  • Truly Me 80

  • Truly Me 85

  • Truly Me 87

  • Truly Me 89

  • Truly Me 90

  • Truly Me 91


  • Courtney Doll and Book

  • Kit Doll and Book

  • Molly Doll and Book

  • Samantha Doll and Book

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Wow, perfect christmas gift for my daughter. I am glad I found your post while searching for the reviews online for website. Thanks for sharing it.


Just Like You 120 and Just Like You 115 are on sale at $79 at Amazon. I jumped on the deal and grabbed them. In other words, I got them and they will be arriving three days from now! I will be naming them Adelia and Chrysantheme respectively. Chrysantheme is French for Chrysanthemum and pronounced: Kree-sawn-tehm and is easier to say than the English word. It's the same for Anemone; in French, it is pronounced "Ah-nay-mohn, and that's "Oh" like "torn".. When I told my mom and grandmother about it, they thought it was an awesome deal and price and that it was worth it. I'm happy that both a Nanea Mold doll and a Marie-Grace Mold doll is on…


I can’t believe the deep discounts on molly’s and kit’s accessories and clothing. It’s an epic deal if you want to get an almost complete collection.


Nov 21, 2023

wow that's amazing!! if only i had the space to get some of these girlies! ;D


Nov 21, 2023

Kit’s doll still says birthday edition. Some people believe her original meet outfit is not here to stay and she will revert back to her green beforever outfit. I actually doubt that because her beforever meet was sold out months ago. Items that get sold out don’t usually get back in stock. I think her original meet outfit really is here to stay.

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