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A Guide To American Girl Collector Dolls

In recent years, American Girl has released several limited-edition collector dolls. While most of these before 2023 were holiday dolls, several collaborations with other brands have also been collector dolls since this year. Here's a guide to every American Girl collector doll available for mass purchase - one of a kind dolls are not included in this guide due to how rare they are.

The first limited edition American Girl doll for mass purchase was the Sugar Plum Fairy, a variation on Truly Me 86. She was available in 2020 for $250.

The next limited edition American Girl dolls were the Winter Princesses, available in both blond/white and brunette/black variations. The blond version was a variation on Truly Me 78 and the brunette version was a variation on Truly Me 67. They were available in 2021 for $250.

The next limited edition American Girl doll was the Sapphire Splendor doll, the first unique limited edition doll. She was available in 2022 for $265.

In the summer/fall of 2023, American Girl unveiled 5 different collector dolls. The first was the FAO Schwarz Toy Soldier, which was the first ever American Girl collaboration doll. She cost $300 and is now sold out.

The next three collector dolls were based on three different Disney Princesses - Belle from Beauty and The Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Rapunzel from Tangled. They cost $300 each. Belle and Rapunzel are sold out, while Jasmine is still available.

2023's Holiday Collector doll is the Shimmering Silver doll, which costs $300 and is still available.

Lastly, the Mattel Creations Classic Barbie had her pre-orders released last week and sold out within 24 hours. She cost $300 and will be shipped to the people who ordered her at the end of next year.

Do you have any American Girl Collector dolls? If so, who is your favorite?

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