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A List of Every American Girl Doll's Pets

As you guys probably know, I think about American Girl dolls a lot. But today, one of my AG-related thoughts was "what was Blaire's lamb's name?" I forgot something as simple as that, so I decided to make a list of every American Girl doll's pets to ensure that I never forget the name of Blaire's lamb ever again.

This list does not include animals that aren't pets of the American Girl doll* (such as the animals in Lea's collection) or any Truly Me animals (such as Coconut).

Kaya- Talto the dog, Steps High the horse, Sparks Flying the foal

Felicity- Penny the horse, Posie the lamb, Patriot the foal

Caroline- Inkpot the cat

Josefina- Sombrita the goat

Cecile- Cochon the parrot

Marie-Grace- Argos the dog

Kirsten- Caro the dog, Missy the cat

Addy- No pets

Samantha- Jip the dog

Rebecca- No pets

Kit- Grace the dog

Nanea- Mele the dog

Molly- Bennett the dog