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A Personal + Blog Update

Hey guys! This is an important update regarding American Girl Doll News's operations for the next few months.

Over the last eight years, I have struggled with my mental health. This has only intensified since Covid and as I have grown up, and to address my mental health symptoms, I have decided to seek intensive treatment for six weeks starting tomorrow. This means that I will not be personally posting most of the days for six weeks (until the middle of October), as I am only allowed a limited amount of computer time and need that computer time for my college classes and career.

However, AGDN will still be active during that time thanks to my family and scheduled posts! Here is the rundown of how the blog will be active, and how specific releases will be affected, most notably Lila's release:

  • I have given my sister Sierra a rundown of all the important release dates from now until the middle of October, and whenever there's a release or news comes up, she will post it for me.

  • Back in December, before I even knew I was going to treatment, I already scheduled the posts for every doll's birthday, so birthday posts will be regular, and I also scheduled posts for every show of the American Girl Live in Concert tour, which will also begin when I'm in treatment. My show will not be affected by treatment since it's scheduled for after I return.

  • Like I announced yesterday, there will not be another Doll of the Month until November.

  • I was holding out hope that Lila's release would be after I get out, but unfortunately I'm scheduled to be out of treatment the week after she comes out, and she'll release before I'm back. However, my mom will be going to the Charlotte store for me to take pictures, Sierra will cover the reveal and press releases- but who knows? Since it's a Saturday, I might be able to cover the release (minus going to the store, of course) if I get my schoolwork done... and I might have a surprise around then, too ;)

Thank you so much for always supporting this blog. January will mark a decade since I began American Girl Doll News, and I still love both my dolls and this blog. While I am prioritizing my mental health throughout these six weeks, I am hopeful that once I'm back, I will be feeling a lot better and be able to enjoy the things that I love, including my dolls and this blog, with more joy than what it has been in the past!

Enjoy Lila's release for me, and I can't wait to return!

See you in October!


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