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A Reminder: No Bullying or Discrimination on AGDN

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

American Girl Doll News, or AGDN for short, and the American Girl Club on AGDN, does NOT tolerate any bullying or discrimination on the comment section or AG Club forums.

AGDN is a safe space for American Girl fans of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, religions and abilities. This means that no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious discrimination, ableism or discrimination of any other type is NOT allowed on AGDN or the AG Club.

Repeated bullying or any discrimination will result in a ban from AGDN and the AG Club.

Remember when Samantha stood up to Eddie for bullying Nellie?

Or when Addy escaped slavery and still faced discrimination because of her race?

Or when Kit was bullied for being poor- during the Great Depression?

Or when Kaya was held captive by enemy raiders?

Or when Julie couldn’t join the basketball team because of her gender?

Or when Mia faced difficulty because of poverty?

Or when the Mean Bees bullied Chrissa, Gwen and Sonali?

Or when Rebecca was forced to do a Christmas project even though she was Jewish?

Or when Maryellen’s friend was bullied because she was Italian?

Or when Melody’s sister wouldn’t be hired by the bank because she was Black?

Or when Gabriela faced difficulty because of her stutter?

Or when Nanea’s friend faced discrimination because she was Japanese?

Or when Joss faced difficulty because of her hearing loss?

Or when Courtney’s friend was being targeted for having AIDS?

Or when Kira visited her lesbian aunts?

American Girl and their stories stand against bullying and discrimination, and is an inclusive company, as AGDN is an inclusive site. We stand against bullying and discrimination, just as AG’s character dolls do. Before you post, think.

Again, repeated bullying or any discrimination will result in a ban from AGDN and the AG Club.

Thanks for understanding.

EDIT: To prevent banned users from making new accounts, I now have to approve every member who tries to join AGDN. Thanks for your understanding.

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