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Advisory Board for Kavi Sharma's Story

American Girl always has an advisory board for their characters, both historical and contemporary, and Girl of the Year 2023 Kavi Sharma is no different. Here are all the members of the board!

  • Rae Jacobson, MS, a specialist focusing in mental health, ADHD and learning differences

  • Masum Momaya, a curator, writer, coach and philanthropic foundation strategist who supports projects focusing on women and people of color

  • Rina Shah, a choreographer and dance studio owner who specializes in Indian and Bollywood dancing

  • Deanna Singh, the founder of social impact organization Flying Elephant and author of A Smart Girl's Guide to Race and Inclusion

  • Nina Trevens, co-founder and director of TADA! Youth Theater, which provides children from all walks of life with musical productions and training

  • Allison Tyler, a counselor and social worker who provides strategies and tools for people with ADHD to thrive

  • Arusha Bargava, a 13 year old Indian American girl who has taken Bollywood dance lessons since she was 5

  • Anna Degroot, a 15 year old interested in understanding and raising awareness of mental health issues

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Dec 30, 2022

Awesome information.


Does Kavi have ADHD? That would be fantastic. So do I.

Dec 29, 2022
Replying to

I will read her journal and find out!

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