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It's Showtime, Kavi: Story Details And Review (WITH SPOILERS)

I just finished reading Kavi's full book that tells all about her story! Here's a recap and a review of the story at the end!

The first nine chapters of the sixteen-chapter book told the story that was featured in Kavi's Journal about being inspired by the Wicked show to join the school talent revue and struggling in school. However, despite it being the same story, the plot points were put more into focus, with Kavi's teachers and classmates being featured characters, more explanation into the details of Kavi's school struggles and what made her almost quit the revue, more of Kavi's interest in the performing arts, and more background on Kavi's performance and specifics of Indian cultural elements featured in the story.

Chapters ten through sixteen feature a new story that wasn't in the journal, this time about the school musical "Annie" starting up and Kavi making a deal with her parents to stay organized with school if she can perform in the musical. After Kavi hones in on her musical talents by creating videos for her Dadima's cookie business with a jingle, Kavi auditions for Annie, but an eighth grader named Alaina gets the role and Kavi is regulated to being an orphan. Kavi is disappointed at first, but over time, she learns to be closer to Alaina. However, a blizzard destroys the school's auditorium and the musical crew has to perform in the cafeteria, which lowers the morale of the performers. Eventually, Kavi and her friends find a solution by having a Holi-inspired "Spring Fling" to raise money to get a community college theater to perform the show in, and by convincing the college theater head and raising most of the money necessary, the show is able to go on. At the end of the book, Alaina invites Kavi to a musical theater camp, and Kavi is able to go.

I was so happy when I finished reading this book, to be completely honest. I know, I know, I'm 18 and I'm getting excited over American Girl books, but I was floored by how good it was! I really enjoyed the journal, but I wished that some things were more explained in detail. However, this book delivered on that promise, in addition to providing seven more chapters that weren't even mentioned in the journal! It was worth the wait, with a lot of new insight into Kavi's character that I wished I had back in December when Kavi first released. The plot was very engaging, and it was very interesting to learn about Kavi personally. I also really enjoyed the references to Indian culture, since it made the book and Kavi's life more easily understandable for readers, like me, who aren't Indian. The one thing I would change about this book, however, is for American Girl to not be cowards and give us two books like every other GOTY since Nicki! While some things were more detailed in the first section of the book, there are several page or two mentions in the second that could have been entire chapters. I would love to see more of Kavi's world in the future, so I would have absolutely loved it if this was two books, but I can't really complain. At least we have something that isn't the journal!

I'd rate this a 8.5/10.

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