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AGDN Readers Talk About Claudie Wells

Yesterday, I asked AGDN readers how they felt about Claudie Wells, the next Historical doll releasing in just 3 days, and today, I'm posting their answers!

"Unpopular opinion: Claudie is the best historical doll." -Marie

"I’m excited for Claudie to be released, I think the 1920s is such an interesting time period. I am so excited to go to the store on Claudie‘s release day and pick her up! I‘ve been counting down the days until her release all month long lol." -Cats and dolls

"I have been waiting for AG to release a 1920s character forever now!! I always thought because of [Samantha] and Kit that they would never do it, but they’re apparently releasing one soon and i just can’t wrap my head around it !! Representation from all communities is so important, for everyone to feel seen and heard, and Claudie is a step for AG towards that goal. As a Chinese American person I feel very satisfied that AG is finally recognizing all ethnic groups, such as African Americans, AsAms, and so many more. Everyone is getting the recognition they deserve and it’s a big win. Even the speculation that GOTY 2023 may be Indian is amazing!! 🤗 I am truly impressed from what I’ve seen so far (🤫) and hope you all feel the same way!!" -zhangashley08

"She looks absolutely adorable so far and I can't wait to see the rest of her!!!! We've only seen this pic officially and she's already one of my fave historicals! I don't have much room for another AG doll, but I'll make it work for Claudie! :D" -KirstenKitFan

"I’m hoping to see Langston Hughes in her stories and that she has some poetry books or an element of it in her stories. I won’t be able to get the doll for ages, especially since I just restarted work (ah academia), and had to bail my mom out of a crisis, but I’m hoping I can swing her book!" -Sar Majere

"I can't wait! I'm gonna get her as a present for undergoing my kidney/pancreas transplant." -miley14tam

"Wow, I can't believe she is almost here!! I wonder what outfits and accessories she will have! :)" -Blaire_Fan

"I'm really excited for Claudie, I can't believe she's coming so soon! I'm most excited about her meet outfit and to see her furniture pieces! I'm also really excited to see all the photos of Claudie that agigers will come up with!" -Abby's dollhouse AG

"I wonder what face mold she will have… It’s always the most exciting part of a doll release for me." -Evette_stan22

Thank you all so much for these responses! I'm so excited- don't forget to tune into the reveal on CBS at 8 am, and then come to my blog right after to see all the updates and news about this brand-new doll as they come in!

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