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AGDN Wrapped 2020

I discovered that I can look at my top posts for this year today! I won't say which posts are on top for this year, since that can change (especially since more Corinne content will be coming at the end of December!), but I did find the stats for 2020! Unfortunately, I'm unsure if I have any data for 2019 or the years before (that would be nice to be honest), but I decided to take my idea for 'AGDN Wrapped 2021' for a test drive using all my stats from 2020! Here we go!

10. American Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey Story Theory (And this theory was right! 15 year old Sydney was SMART!)

9. American Girl Toy Fair Presentation (AKA, our first look at Courtney. Remember when Courtney was news?)

8. Joss's Volkswagen Surf Bus Details! (YAY SURF BUS)

7. American Girl Stores That Have Closed (Another one I'm shocked about it shooting up the rankings.)

6. American Girls of the Year at Costco! (Interesting...)

5. Every American Girl Doll of the Year as of 2020 (I'm unsure how this post shot up the viewing rankings. It's just a GOTY list. Oh well, I think I'll update this post when Corinne releases.)

4. American Girl 1980's Historical Character Doll Courtney Moore (Releasing October 2020!) (October 2020? She released early, since she released in September!)

3. Girl of the Year 2021 Name- Kira Bailey? (It's so funny that basically EVERYONE knows what name will be the next GOTY based on trademark timing.)

2. American Girl Doll Of The Year 2021 Kira Bailey Theories (I wish I did more theory posts for Corinne, but I was both battling depression AND unsure about the whole Corinne and Gwynn thing, so that's why I didn't. I promise 2023 will bring a return to theories!)

  1. Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey Theory 2! (Of course #1 had to be an incorrect theory. Whatever, it was still a cool theory.)

This was interesting! Stay tuned for 2021's top posts on January 1!

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