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American Girl 1920s Doll Claudie Wells Hobby Theory

In history class last week, we learned a bit about the Harlem Renaissance, the time period American Girl's next historical character, Claudie Wells, is rumored to come from. While it wasn't an in-depth explanation (the reconstruction era is where American History I ends), the video my teacher played mentioned that the main areas of creative expression African Americans engaged in during the Harlem Renaissance were visual arts, poetry and music. The remark inspired a theory about Claudie's hobby, so here it is!

Melody Ellison, American Girl's doll from the Civil Rights era, is interested in music and singing, and so is Cecile Rey from 1853, so it is unlikely Claudie would be interested in that. And the rumors are that Girl of the Year 2023 Kavika Sharma is interested in poetry, so Claudie wouldn't be interested in that either.

That only leaves one hobby: visual art.

While there has been an artist American Girl doll before, Saige Copeland, Saige was a modern doll and the Girl of the Year nine years ago, in 2013. Samantha Parkington from 1904 is also interested a bit in art, but that wasn't her main focus and Samantha's hobbies varied greatly. The Harlem Renaissance had a lot of visual art- click here to see some- of varying styles, and art is a major hobby of girls today, so it would make sense for Claudie to be an artist!

What do you think Claudie will be interested in?

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