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American Girl 2020 February Release Photos!

I’m currently on my way to dinner after going to the AGP Charlotte to check out the new releases! Here are all my photos:

These are Julie’s new basketball items.

This is Melody’s new Daisy Outfit and Easter Accessories.

This is Truly Me 88... she and 86 were out of stock, so I’ll buy them next week!

Truly Me #86!

Here it is: Joss’s bus in all it’s glory!

The front of the bus.

They had a sign displaying all the details of the bus!

Joss is rocking her AG Rewards-exclusive wetsuit over here!

Joss has a new AG Hair Salon hairstyle- the Beach Braids.

The AG Boutique’s features are displayed here!

Here’s a picture of the AG boutique!

The Pet Boutique comes with this cute T-shirt.

This is the new dog care kit!

And the cat care kit- displayed with the new Orange Tabby Cat.

The boutique comes with an exclusive kitten!

Here’s the AG Market playset! I love how it says Est. 1986.

Here’s the City Market Goodies.

And lastly, the market!

I love the new release! I got the wetsuit and the bus, so I’ll be posting more pictures and an opening video once I get home!

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Not only where is #87, I also want to know why we skipped from #82 all the way to #86 without getting #83-85?


but where is truly me 87!?!?!?!


Feb 25, 2020

Ooh! I love Joss's new hairstyle! Your blog gives me so many warm, fuzzy feelings :)


Feb 25, 2020

The pet boutique is actually really nice.


Abbi's AG
Abbi's AG
Feb 25, 2020

How large is the bus?

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