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American Girl 40% Flash Sale

Items are now up to 40% off in American Girl's spring sale!

Here's the list of the items for sale:

-Bunk Bed and Bedding

-Blaire's Party Decor

-Xbox Gaming Set

-Star Power Shorts

-Fiercely You Top

-Powerful Knit Sneakers

-So Strong Accessories

-Full-Strength Ruffled Skort

-Feeling Fierce Print Jacket

-Ready Set Sandals

-Be Strong Long Tank

-Feeling Strong Terry Sweatshirt

-Fiercely You Accessories

-Swim Goggles for Dolls

-Game Night Set

-Dark Blue Glasses

-Bright Red Sunglasses

-Nanea's Family Market

-Cool Expressions Shoes

-3 in 1 Game Night Table

-Blaire Cooks Up A Plan


-Luciana: Braving the Deep

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01 de jun. de 2021

Yeah, once again selling Blaire's big ticket items for sale. She's definitely on her way out.

also happy pride month


They are really trying to get rid of this stuff, huh.

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