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American Girl 48 Hour Early Black Friyay Sale

Black Friday is in a week, but AG is joining in the fun early! Today and tomorrow, AG Rewards members will get triple points, plus select items are up to 50% off:

American Girl Bowling Alley- $120

Julie's Basketball Court- $56

Julie's Pinball Machine- $120

12 Days of Cheer Countdown Set- $45

Nanea's Family Market- $125

Team USA Soccer Set- $24

Team USA Gymnastics Set- $24

Team USA Beach Volleyball Set- $24

Team USA Medal Ceremony Set- $27

Team USA T-Shirt for Girls and Dolls- $18

World Traveler in Italy- $28

World Traveler in Japan- $28

Feeling Strong Terry Sweatshirt- $9

Italian Souvenir Set- $15

Headband 3-Pack- $9

Feeling Fierce Print Jacket- $12

Star Power Dress- $12

Sweet Ombre Sunglasses- $7

Candy Stripes Jumper- $12

Cute as a Cupcake Accessories- $12

Full-Strength Ruffled Skort- $9

Fiercely You Accessories- $12

Ready Set Sandals- $7

Be Strong Long Tank- $9

Hugs & Well Wishes Outfit for WellieWishers- $20

Melody's Christmas Outfit- $29

Nanea's School Outfit- $28

Hugs & Healing Set for WellieWishers- $20

Rebecca's Parlor Table- $128

Reimagined Artist Set for WellieWishers- $18

AG Star & Snow Dress- $22

Night Owl Sleeping Bag for WellieWishers- $12

Set the Stage Play Set for WellieWishers- $18

Blaire's Gardening Outfit- $28

Blaire's Piglet- $17

Xbox Gaming Set- $38

Explore the Outdoors Set for WellieWishers- $18

Under the Sea Accessories for WellieWishers- $18

AG Star & Snow Dress for WellieWishers- $22

Fun & Games Set for WellieWishers- $18

Nanea Mini Doll- $13

Blaire's Accessories- $26

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