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American Girl Announcements at Mattel Analyst Meeting 2022 (Confirmation of New Historical!)

Today was Mattel's annual analyst meeting, which always means AG information! Let's get into the American Girl information and announcements from Mattel's Analyst Meeting 2022!

  • The turnaround for the American Girl brand is finally working, with sales up for 2021.

  • More new customers ordered from American Girl in 2021 than in 2020.

  • The amount of products ordered from American Girl per purchase, as well as the total purchase amount, increased in 2021.


  • American Girl's website was able to expand the brand, and the re-imagining of the site that began in October 2019 will be complete this year.

  • American Girl's team optimized their site with analytics that can provide insight on how consumers are interacting with the website, as well as improved their distribution effort with, as we already know, more fulfillment centers to better serve consumers located in the West Coast and North that order AG products online.


  • Kira and World By Us had both very successful launches, but World By Us was the biggest launch for a contemporary line by American Girl ever due to collaborations with Harlem Fashion Row designers.

  • World By Us had a combined total of 1.4 billion impressions, driven by fashion partners and fashion websites. CORINNE LAUNCH

  • Corinne's launch got over 1 billion impressions, the biggest launch ever for a Girl of the Year character.

  • The livestream shopping event on American Girl's website had 190,000 viewers, and 1,700 people attended Corinne's Chalet event in Aspen, Colorado.

  • The retail events for Corinne's debut sold out in hours.


  • It's official: a brand new historical will debut later this year!!! Her books will be written by a #1 New York Times bestselling author.

  • New play sets will be added to the American Girl line.

  • More content will be added for fans to engage with American Girl, including the Herstory series and on their brand-new TikTok account.

Not much that we didn't know before, but the bit about the new historical's author intrigues me! It's also interesting how much buzz World By Us and Corinne generated. Pretty cool!

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