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American Girl August Monthly Specials

Unfortunately, summer's almost over. It hurts typing that sentence into my computer, because I am not looking forward to going to school at the end of the month. At least it's finally my last year of high school... and the end of summer means all of the summer items are on American Girl's Monthly Specials page!

Here is the list of deals:

  • Moroccan, English and Irish Souvenir Sets- $12 each

  • French Souvenir Set- $15

  • Peruvian Souvenir Set- $12

  • Love to Travel Journal for Girls- $13

  • Birthday Treat Set for WellieWishers- $20

  • Love to Travel Seat- $21

  • Packed with Power Duffel Bag & Accessories- $21

  • Explore The Parks Outfit- $21

  • Let's Sleep Over Pajamas- $21

  • World Traveler in Morocco- $23

  • Explore More Travel Outfit- $24

  • World Traveler in Peru- $25

  • World Traveler in Ireland- $25

  • World Traveler in England- $25

  • Corinne's Camping Outfit- $26

  • World Traveler in France- $27

  • Explore More Luggage Set- $27

  • Corinne's Camping Accessories- $28

  • Kira's Comfy Camping Outfit- $28

  • American Girl Air Lines Flight Attendant Uniform- $29

  • Yog-Ahh Outfit- $29

  • Double the Fun Sleepover Set- $29

  • Nanea's Hula Outfit- $31

  • American Girl Air Lines Pilot Uniform- $33

  • Birthday Cupcake Kitchen for WellieWishers- $20

  • Nanea's Beach Accessories- $47

  • Garden Adventure Wheels for WellieWishers- $48

  • S'more Fun Camping Set- $64

  • American Girl Air Lines Cart- $64

  • American Girl Take The Cake Birthday Cart- $68

  • Kira's Comfy Camping Accessories- $68

  • True Blue Scooter and Sidecar- $79

  • American Girl Pink RC Sports Car- $180

  • American Girl Air Lines- $220

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Aug 03, 2022

Is the s’mores fun camping set new? I never saw it on the website before, maybe i just missed it.

Replying to

It was originally a Costco set but has shown up before on the AG site on sale the last few months


Aug 03, 2022

Any idea if there are plans for more World Traveler outfits? I really love them

Replying to

I think they are super cute! Especially the Irish traveler set, it’s really sad that they are always going on sell it makes me think they might be retiring them soon :,(


I love that all of these are on sale, but they don't seem to be discounted very much. Guess I should have gotten the pilot's uniform when it was on that big sale last month...

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