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American Girl Benefit Sale 2020 Location and Date Change

The Madison Children's Museum American Girl Benefit Sale will have a new location this year!

It has been held in a warehouse and tents outside it in the years prior. But the landlord outside the warehouse just repaved the road, and this means that the people who work on the sale can't drive stakes into the concrete, which is essential for setting up the sale tents. Luckily, they found a new venue for the sale: the Alliant Center Arena in Madison, Wisconsin.

There are several benefits to the sale being hosted here. First, the entire sale will be held indoors, so there's no more standing outside in the rain. There's more places to park, indoor plumbing, more room, food options and an overall safer environment.

Due to this change, they had to reschedule the 2020 sale to July 11-12 instead of the normal July 19-20 due to another event needing the arena at this time.

Who's excited for the sale? I can't wait to see everyone's pictures!

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