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American Girl Benefit Sale Saturday Pricing

Here is the Saturday pricing for the final American Girl benefit sale, which starts tomorrow:

  • Truly Me Dolls, $55

  • Named Dolls (includes Historicals, World by Us, etc.) $60

  • WellieWishers Dolls, $40

  • Bitty Baby Dolls, $40

  • Bitty Baby Doll + Accessory Sets, $50

There are no Create Your Own dolls this year.

Other items use dots to denote their price:

The limits per shopper are as follows:

  • 5 dolls (includes 18″ dolls, WellieWishers, Bitty Babies, and Doll + Accessory sets)

  • 15 accessories (includes doll clothes, and accessory items such as food, pets, salon, dining, living, etc.)

  • 2 voucher items (anything in a very large box, such as furniture, vehicles, home sets)

  • 4 girl clothing items

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