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American Girl Berry Bag Sale

American Girl has an exclusive sale going on for their Berry members! The items listed are on sale at this link:

-Sunny Day Dress: $22

-French Bulldog: $21

-Tenney's Picnic Set: $19

-AG Swim Accessories: $13

-City Sequin Sweater: $12

-Flower Market Skirt: $8

-Smart Girl's Guide Kit- Worry: $30

-Smart Girl's Guide Kit- Liking Herself: $30

-Smart Girl's Guide Kit- Cooking: $30

-Smart Girl's Guide Kit- Sports and Fitness: $30

-Smart Girl's Guide Kit- Digital World: $30

-Smart Girl's Guide Kit- Friendship Troubles: $30

-Purrfectly Warm Winter Accessories- $8

-Decked Out Holiday Dress- $14

-Sandals and Flats Set- $14

-All Star Water Bottle- $6

-City Plaid Vest- $8

-City Sunset Tank- $8

-Sequin Collar Sweater- $8

-Ruff and Ready Pet Outfit- $9

-Travel in Style Luggage- $27

-Maryellen's Airstream Travel Trailer- $227

-Wave Shorts- $8

-Sea Glass Tank- $8

-Mermaid Tee- $8

-Seashell Lace Tank- $8

-Sea Breeze Top- $8

-Nanea's Bed and Hawaiian Quilt- $68

-Travel in Style Accessories- $19

-Giggles and Grins Play Set- $7

-Popcorn's Rainy Day Outfit- $21

-Z's Media Kit- $39

-Chevron Pet Bed- $15

-Tenney's Music Cartridge Set- $7

-Print Tank Top- $8

-Peplum Top- $8

-Funky Terrier Pet House Set- $25

-Z's Accessories- $22

-Addy's Bed and Bedding- $38

-Flowers and Dots Tank and Brief Set- $7

-Fringe Vest- $6

-Starry Sunglasses- $6

-Two-Tone Sneakers- $9

-Nature Explorer Set- $19

-Fun Fedora- $7

-Salon Stylist Set- $26

-Riding Helmet and Hat- $18

-Mix and Match Garden Pets- $22

-Gabriela Mini Doll- $12

-Shaggy Sheepdog Puppy- $25

-Doll Hair- $12

-Maryellen 3-Book Box Set- $14

-Lists! A Year Of Stuff About Me- $5

-Design By Me: Big And Tiny- $7

-Design By Me: Tropical- $7

-Doll Pets- $12

This sale also includes the Final Sale items.

What do you want from this sale? I already have everything I want from it, but Tenney's Picnic Set is so adorable and I totally recommend getting it if you don't already have it because it's your last chance to.

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