American Girl 'Bryant' Trademark Dead + Update on Aracely and Fahari

When American Girl was first trademarking names for the World By Us dolls, three other names that weren't used for the World By Us line were trademarked: Aracely, Fahari and Bryant. The Bryant trademark is now dead, meaning that we will most likely never get a doll named Bryant. The trademark was abandoned on April 12 this year.

Also, an update on Aracely and Fahari: Aracely and Fahari's trademarks were extended on April 6, which means they are still in the works! If you don't remember the name origins (I posted them way back in 2020), Aracely is of Spanish origin, and Fahari is a East African name popular with the Muslim community. It looks like we're getting another Latina and an African-American Muslim in the World By Us line, which is exciting!

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