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American Girl Claudie Wells Charlotte Store Pictures

I just got home from the American Girl store in Charlotte, North Carolina for the release of Claudie Wells! The entire collection wasn't in stock, and the bakery wasn't on display at all, but Claudie had her own case with her outfits, accessories and bed.

Claudie is so beautiful in person! Next, I will be posting photos (and an opening video) of my own Claudie doll!

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I love Claudie!! Soo cute! I love the gold outfit!


Why would they release a new historical collection, and not have all of the items on display in every store? There's something really odd about this doll's reveal and introduction.

She is so precious - I like her better than Makena. And I am so excited that she comes with her green sweater. I love that sweater!


Aug 23, 2022

she's so adorable!!!! :D

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