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American Girl Deals Today

Today and tomorrow, both American Girl and Amazon are offering discounted American Girl products:


-Courtney's Oversized Blazer - $9

-Gwynn's Powder Pink Pajamas - $15

-Colorful ABCs Outfit for WellieWishers - $16

-Starry Sky Pajamas for WellieWishers - $16

-Cute As.A Bug Gardening Outfit for WellieWishers - $16

-Gwynn's Accessories - $17

-Courtney's Fitness Outfit - $17

-Molly's Dog, Bennett - $19

-Claudie's Dog, Dizzy Dot - $21

-Ready to Learn Desk for WellieWishers - $23

-Kira's Kangaroo and Joey - $26

-Corinne's Camping Outfit - $28

-Corinne's Accessories - $29

-Corinne's Camping Accessories - $30

-Stargazing Garden Tent - $32

-Claudie's Dress Up Accessory Set - $36

-Ready to Learn Garden School Set for WellieWishers - $40

-Western Horse - $60

-Community Center Accessory Set - $60

-Nanea's Luau Set - $68

-Courtney's TV And Fitness Accessories - $70

-AG Grill and Games Set - $77

-Nanea's Shave Ice Shop - $80

-Corinne Doll and Book - $92

-Makena Doll and Book - $92

-Evette Doll and Book - $92

-Maritza Doll and Book - $92

-Truly Me 64 - $92

-Truly Me 67- $92

-Truly Me 87- $92

-Day at AG Cafe Set - $108

-Corinne's Ski and Snack Shop - $120

-American Girl Stable - $180

-Claudie's Angelo's Bakery - $222

-Kavi's Backstage Set - $266

-Corinne and Gwynn's Bedroom Set - $280


-WellieWishers Dolls - $51.99

-School Day to Soccer Play Truly Me Set (#27, #64, #67 and #82) - $99.99

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Jul 11, 2023

Has ANYONE else not received their rewards yet/did not receive 4x points during last month’s special?? Trying to figure out if this was isolated to me.


Jul 11, 2023

ooh nice! :D

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