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American Girl Doll Logo History

At the beginning of this year, American Girl introduced a new logo. I was thinking about that this morning while in the car, and decided, why not do a post about all of American Girl's past logos?

This was American Girl, well, Pleasant Company's logo for it's entire run, from 1986 to 1998.

After the company was bought by Mattel, "American Girl" started being used more frequently to refer to the company as a whole, and the Pleasant Company name was phased out around 2004.

This logo, for American Girl, was first used around 2000 and was phased out around 2015 in favor of a minor revision.

The second "American Girl" logo, used from 2015 to 2022, looked like this:

The third and current logo was introduced at the beginning of 2023:

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Pretty. :)


We love the Pleasant Company Logo/ We were sad when the company was sold to Mattel. They eliminated the history part of books.

Marion and Marilyn


13 août 2023

i love all of them, but especially the 2000-15 logo. the stars being the 'i' dots is so clever! :D


Do you know when they stopped using the Pleasant Company tag in their clothes? I always thought it was when Pleasant Company sold to American Girl, but if they kept the Pleasant Company name until 2004, I’m wondering…

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