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American Girl February Release Pictures Part 1: Courtney and Airlines

American Girl’s new release is hitting stores in the next three days! I went to the Charlotte store today to take pictures.

First is the American Girl Airlines items, including the American Girl Airplane, Pilot Outfit, Flight Attendant Outfit and Cart.

Next, Courtney got some new items, including a Fitness Outfit, TV and Fitness Accessories, and Guinea Pig, Parsley.

I’m going back to the American Girl store on Wednesday to check out the rest of the new release items on display and in person! Check back then to see them! Until then, what is your favorite item in this release so far? I like the plane and the outfits that go with it: I purchased the pilot and flight attendant outfits and will hopefully get the plane when I redo my doll room at my dad’s house!

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