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American Girl Fun Fest Tour

After my busy day yesterday, I finally got to go check out the American Girl Fun Fest interface.

This is the map of all the activities:

When I wanted to change my avatar on the site, it took me to the Wishing Fountain, so that's where we'll start.

Unfortunately, it was glitching and wouldn't give me an avatar, but after you made a wish, it told you things like "Good news is on its way".

The T-shirt station was also glitching and I couldn't add stickers to my shirt, but at least I can change the color.

The theater was showing an American Girl music video.

Another station was the Magnolia Bakery create-a-cupcake station.

There was a portal to go to the virtual AG place that just debuted, though it was the same thing.

Another thing to do was look at koalas in the Koala House.

You could also take selfies at the Shutterfly Selfie Station and redeem them for a free (actually not free- you need to pay shipping and handling) print at Shutterfly.

(Sorry about the unbrushed hair. I wasn't expecting having to take a selfie for this post.)

Another activity was to stare at virtual American Girl dolls and click on them to read quick descriptions of the dolls. (Basically, glorified Doll of the Week.)

The last activity was a music video maker: you could dance with Addy, Josefina, or Courtney. I didn't feel like dancing, so I just took a screenshot of the exterior of the music video maker.

Unfortunately, the American Girl Fun Fest wasn't fun, in my 100% honest opinion. I love American Girl, but it's more fun to actually DO stuff with the dolls, not participate in a boring virtual world. But I'm not the target market, I'm just a 16-year-old who never grew out of AG, and I hope you guys had more fun than I did.

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