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American Girl Goes To College

Today I went to AG, and while I didn't take any photos, I did get the Write On Desk Set for my dolls. But I didn't envision a set to stay home - I imagined creating a "study area" for my doll, whichever one I decide to take to college, to sit in and be displayed in during my time in college. I imagine switching out the dolls every time I come home from break, and if a doll releases when I'm in college, I would be able to have 2 - but finding another display spot in a dorm would be kind of hard. Either way, my roommate already agreed to go to Lila's release with me at AG Nashville - which is 20 minutes away from my college campus - so I'm excited for that!

If you've been to college, how did you handle having your dolls in college? Did you keep them home or bring them to the dorm? Were you open about your doll collecting hobby? Was there an AG store near your college?

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