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American Girl Holiday Outfits

American Girl finally has outfits for more holidays than just Christmas this year! They used to have some in the 90's, I think, but not in the Mattel-ownership era.

This is the Kwanzaa Celebration Outfit. It costs $36.

This is the Eid al-Fitr Celebration Outfit. It also costs $36.

This is the Diwali Celebration Outfit. It costs $45, the most expensive out of all the outfits.

This is the Hanukkah Celebration Outfit. It costs $36.

This is the Lunar New Year Celebration Outfit. It costs $36.

What do you think? My favorites are the Hanukkah one (I think I have to get that for Rebecca or Lindsey) and the Lunar New Year one (my Ivy doll named Katie came in her Chinese New Year dress, but I think I'd need this one for Katie too) I also like the Diwali one for Sonali, but it's expensive. The other two are cute too, but I'm unsure where they'd fit in my collection. Maybe Beth/Addy can have the Kwanzaa one and a Truly Me can have the Eid al-Fitr one.

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