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American Girl Labor Day Weekend Sale (Or, The Truly Me Funeral Sale)

You know how I just told you guys yesterday about the rumors about all the Truly Me dolls 88 and below being retired and replaced with more dolls? Well, American Girl is having a Labor Day weekend sale. Sounds normal... until you factor in that it's $20 off purchases of $125 or more. And all dolls except Claudie, who just came out last week, are included. That means one Truly Me doll and literally anything else from AG (except for Claudie's world, the Halloween costumes and Harry Potter), and then bam! You get 20 dollars off.

The dolls being included in every sale this year makes a lot more sense now. But now? It may actually be your last chance.

I know I'm very privileged in this Truly Me tragedy due to having them all, but I feel so bad for everyone who this, um, decision is affecting. When I said American Girl needed a new direction, this is what not I wanted. At this point, I'd take 5 more seasons of Dolled Up if that means we save the other Truly Me dolls...

Anyways, good luck to everyone trying to get one last Truly Me in the current line before they're gone. May the odds ever be in your favor.

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