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American Girl Lila Monetti Backordered Until After The Holidays

Girl of the Year 2024 Lila Monetti has proved to be a big hit among American Girl fans: so much so that she is backordered until January 5! She is still available in the Chicago and Los Angeles stores, but sold out everywhere else until the backorder is over.

In addition to the doll being on backorder, these items from Lila's collection are on backorder as well:

  • Lila's Gymnastics Competition Outfit - backordered until April 26

  • Lila's Gymnastics Practice Outfit - backordered until March 22

  • Lila's Gymnastics Competition Leotard for Girls - Sold Out

  • Lila's Gymnastics Equipment - backordered until March 1

  • Hollyhock Horse - backordered until February 16

  • Honeycrisp Hill Horse Stable - backordered until February 2

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