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Lila Goes for Gold is OUT! (Sneak Peek On Amazon)

We didn't get a new Girl of the Year around New Year's, but we did get something just as cool today - Lila Goes for Gold, the hardcover novel based on Lila's story (and sequel to Lila's Journal - make sure you read the summary on my blog if you don't have the Lila doll before reading this one!)

The novel isn't available on the AG website yet - it probably will in a few hours, considering it's only 7 am where American Girl's headquarters are located - but there is a 25-page sneak peek on Amazon, and the novel is available wherever books are sold.

My dad's taking me to get the book after he gets home from work today, so expect my review later tonight!

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i'm so excited to get it! :D


I can’t wait to hear the story and your review! Last week as well as two days ago was still Kavi’s year but now it’s officially Lila’s year! But I wish Kavi had been given the proper treatment. Maybe she’ll be given more items this year?

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