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American Girl Los Angeles Store Moving Updates

American Girl fans who have the LA store as their local store, listen up! @AmcanGrl on Instagram posted some important updates about the moving of the location of the Los Angeles store.

  • There will be a moving sale exclusively at the store now until April 7. Select items are up to 50% off.

  • The American Girl location at The Grove will close on April 16.

  • A temporary store at American Girl's new LA home, Century City Mall, will operate from May 2 until November.

  • The permanent flagship store will open in November and will feature a cafe. The personal shopper AmcanGirl talked to said that the store is "very nice", so I am excited to see it!

Personally, this is bittersweet, considering the store at the Grove in LA was the first AG store I ever went to! However, I cannot wait to see the new store!

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