American Girl Molly Book 2 Cover: Stars, Stripes and Surprises

Molly's next abridged illustrated story volume, Stars, Stripes and Surprises, is releasing on July 5! Here is the cover:

"Molly’s story continues in the second book in her series.

Molly is at summer camp, which is full of exciting surprises. But when it's time for a game of Color War, she's afraid the fun may end. She and her friends are on different teams, and they have to compete against each other.

Back at home, Molly has another surprise: A girl from London is coming to stay with the McIntires! Molly expects her to be as glamorous as an English princess, but shy Emily is nothing like Molly imagined.

Finally, Molly gets the news she's been waiting for: Dad is coming home! Can Molly pull off plans for the biggest surprise yet?"

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