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American Girl New Release Images

I went to the American Girl store in Charlotte, NC today to check out the new release! They had not only the summer items in stock, but they finally had the Cute at Heart and Team USA collections! Here‘s all the pictures I took:

This is the Casual and Cool Outfit, the new meet outfit for the boy dolls.

The wall of Truly Me dolls in the Sparkle and Shine Outfit!

This is the Sparkle and Shine Accessories and the Rose Gold Glasses.

The Table and Chairs Set.

The Be Creative Outfit and Percussion Set.

The Team USA Beach Volleyball Outfit.

The Team USA Doll and Girl Tee Set.

The Team USA Softball Set.

The Team USA Gymnastics Outfit.

The Team USA Track and Field Set.

The Student Council Election Outfit and Set.

The Team USA Swim Set.

The Team USA Soccer Set.

The Team USA Medal Ceremony Set.

The Let's Sleep Over Pajamas and Double the Fun Sleepover Set.

The Don't Forget to Brush Set.

The Cute at Heart Collection.

The Star Gazing Sleeping Bag, Starry Sky Pajamas and Star Gazing Garden Tent Set.

The Explore the Parks Outfit.

Some more of the Cute at Heart Collection.

Joss's Beach Jumper and Beach Grill Set.

The Make Some Music Outfit and Art Class Set.

These are all so cute! The AG store only had one doll, so I got her. Look at my next post to see who I got!

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