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American Girl of the Year 2020 Joss Kendrick Face Mold Comparison

The new Girl of the Year for 2020, Joss Kendrick, has a new face mold. I decided to compare it with Marie-Grace's face and the face of my Truly Me 53, Maesi, who has the Josefina mold.

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I love Joss’ face. I think she’s the most natural looking and cute. Although I still think Lea, with the Josefina mould, has the most beautiful eyes, and is still the most stunning!??


I think Joss's face mold is really cute. In fact, I know this is going to be hilarious to say, but back on New Years Eve when I discovered Joss's official picture, I saw a comment on YouTube where somebody said "It looks like somebody took McKenna, gave her brown eyes, and smashed her face with a car." I thought that seemed a little extreme, but super hilarious! LOL!!! Still, I think her face mold is so adorable. Who agrees?

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