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American Girl Raffle for Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

TW: This post discusses heavier topics than usual on AGDN, such as genocide.

Hey everyone! This isn’t an official AG update, but this involves a cause that is important to me, so I figured I’d amplify it here on AGDN. Several American Girl Instagrammers are organizing a raffle of American Girl 18 inch dolls, art commissions, doll clothes and more for American Girl fans who donate to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) provides free medical care to thousands of injured and ill children yearly who lack local access to care within the local health care system. PCRF's impact also includes establishing two pediatric

cancer departments in Palestine, a new PICU and pediatric cardiology department

in Ramallah, and many more critical projects.

How do you enter, you may ask? You can donate to the PCRF at this link:, then send proof that you donated to, and then bam! You’re instantly entered into many giveaways for AG products!

The situation in Gaza is heartbreaking, seeing tens of thousands of people, including many children, killed, malnourished and suffering due to the genocide of Palestinians that is currently going on, and while more and more people have been spreading awareness as this situation develops, many other people have been silent or, even worse, have been supporting the oppressors that have been allowing this genocide to go on.

Notably, the CEO of Mattel, American Girl’s parent company, has donated his personal money to the Israeli military that has been hurting Palestinians for all this time, with documentation as early as 2014 and as late as November of last year. Some fans have chosen to boycott Mattel due to his stance, as well as other companies supporting Israel. It has been hard for me personally to boycott because my job is literally to update people on new AG products, but from now on, I will commit myself to match any money I spend at American Girl to this organization and other organizations supporting Palestinians, such as Operation Olive Branch, and advocate for people who can’t boycott to do the same, just as I advocated for people to match any money they spent on the Harry Potter collection to charities that support transgender people.

I apologize for my silence on this issue on this blog so far. It shouldn’t have taken me eight months to say something, especially when Mattel’s CEO is complicit in this genocide. I didn’t know what to say, to be completely honest, but that is not an excuse. I will try to do better, and I promise to do better.

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