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American Girl RARE Just Like You 11 On Sale For Cheap!

I found a Just Like You 11 doll on sale on an estate sale page for $80 right now! Just Like You 11 is really rare- she is one of the only dolls that aren't Create Your Own dolls with the medium-skinned Addy mold, and the only one with that skin tone, face mold and brown eyes. If you ever have wanted an #11, now's your chance! I have one- I named her Akemi after an anime character while I was in my anime phase, and I adore her so much. Since I already have my Akemi, I figured I'd share this so you can get your own!

She also comes with a blank "Meet ___" book from the 90's American Girl of Today line!

Click here to place your bid!

P.S: She's not as rare, but there's currently a Just Like You #8 on the same page for $10 ;)

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