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American Girl's Progress and Plans for their Commitment to Racial Equality

American Girl shared a post on social media outlining their progress and future plans for their Commitment to Racial Equality they shared back in June. Here's what they posted today:

Access and Amplification:

-American Girl made their Addy, Cecile and Marie-Grace, Melody and Gabriela series available for free

-American Girl donated $500,000 worth of books featuring characters of diverse backgrounds to Reader to Reader, Kids Need to Read and Little Free Library Read in Color Initiative

Listening and Discussing: -American Girl's new discussion series will release in Feburary 2021 and feature youth social justice activists, youth climate activists and other diverse youth making a change in the world

Content and Characters:

-American Girl will release a Smart Girl's Guide on fighting racism in August 2021 written by Deanna Singh, a diversity and inclusivity expert

-A new line of diverse dolls and culturally diverse products will release in the later half of 2021

I'm extremely excited for the new line of dolls and am proud of American Girl for doing this to create more representation.

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