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American Girl’s Top Valentine’s Day Gifts

American Girl opened up their Galentine's Day shop today... and if my future girlfriend doesn't shop from here for Valentine's Day, then things won't be good. (I'm kidding. But it would be nice if she did do that for me.)

Anyways, here's the top gifts I found on AG's Galentine's Day shop!

  • American Girl Coffee Shop

  • Any of the pet and mix and match bundles

  • A Smart Girl's Guide: Crushes (Fun fact: I visited the American Girl store in June with my sister and she pulled out this book from the bookstore, told me "happy pride month" and got it for me! She's funny.)

  • Makena's Pink Puffers and Joggers Outfit

  • UNO American Girl card game

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Apple, and co.
Apple, and co.
Jan 20, 2022

um…does any girl want to get a book about crushes from her mom/dad for Valentine’s Day? Is it just me or does that feel a bit…awkward? Also, are you supposed to give presents? I give, like, really little gifts or something…

Replying to

Most people don't get or give Valentine's day presents unless they have a romantic partner, so Galentine was created to celebrate your female friends, especially those who don't have romantic partners, so they don't feel left out and lonely for being single. These days, to encourage spending, retailers are happy and ready to celebrate any made up holidays and suggest gifts, while girls/ladies, looking for a good reason to buy something cute are gifting and receiving. It's also a good excuse for a mom to buy another doll for her daughter. That's just my opinion though. :-)

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