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American Girl Summer Release 2020!

It's the day we've all been waiting for: the American Girl 2020 Summer Release is HERE! Here are all the items:

First, #28 has been retired. Contrary to rumors, #47 and #58 are not retired and are in the... NEW MEET OUTFIT!

That's right- after three years, the Truly Me girls and boys have new meet outfits and accessories!

The girl's outfit is the Sparkle and Shine Outfit.

The boy's outfit is the Casual and Cool Outfit.

There are also new meet accessories: the Sparkle and Shine Accessories and the Casual and Cool Accessories. Both sets cost $30.

Three new Truly Me dolls made their debut today! Here they are:

This is Truly Me #83. She has long curly blond hair, the Josefina mold, light skin and green eyes.

She's really cute! I might name her Erin or Ashley.

This is Truly Me #84. She has long curly black hair, the Jess mold, light skin and brown eyes.


This is Truly Me #85. She has medium-length curly brown hair, the Addy mold, dark skin and brown eyes.

She looks so cute! I might name her Carrie or Shelby.

The Truly Me dolls also got some new outfits. Here they are:

There are also some new accessories and furniture for the Truly Me dolls! Here they are:

Joss also got a few items too.

This is her Beach Jumper, which costs $28.

This is Joss's Beach Grill, which costs $55.

Lastly, the WellieWishers got some new items:

I love this release and am so excited to check it out in person and get the new Truly Me dolls on Sunday!

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