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American Girl Truly Me Release: What Are Your Thoughts?

We are hours away from the new Truly Me dolls releasing! 25 new dolls are going to come out tomorrow, so I figured I'd go and ask you all what are your thoughts on this refresh of the line?

I've seen some mixed opinions, both on comments sections of previous posts and elsewhere on social media, but personally, my feelings are mixed as well. On one hand, I am incredibly excited we get 25 new dolls! You all know how I love every doll American Girl comes out with and like to collect them, so it's exciting that I have 25 new friends to collect. I also like how face molds like Marie-Grace's are coming back! On another hand, I am sad that a lot of the older dolls are retiring, and that there seems to be even more emphasis on activities that aren't just day to day life as a girl in modern America like the older dolls were. I hope that American Girl can turn this emphasis into something good, like promoting imaginative storytelling that reflects the hopes and dreams of American girls for their younger target demographic, while keeping a focus on realistic play as well.

I'm going to bed early tonight so I can get up early and blog tomorrow! Goodnight, everyone!

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