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American Girl x Disney Princess Wave 2 Details

The next wave of American Girl and Disney Princess dolls are being revealed on Good Morning America tomorrow (full disclosure, Good Morning America is owned by Disney), so here's everything I know about the release tomorrow!

  • The dolls will be available both online and in store tomorrow after the GMA reveal.

  • I have heard rumors that these dolls will only be slightly more expensive than a normal American Girl doll - apparently, they won't be $300, to the relief of everyone's wallets!

I have mentioned this before, but the majority of the rumors I'm hearing in terms of dolls is Cinderella (from the 1950 animated film Cinderella), Ariel (from the 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid) and Tiana (from the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog). I have also heard some people say Aurora (from the 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty) in place of Cinderella, but Ariel (from the original movie, not Halle Bailey's Ariel from the live-action remake) and Tiana are the two consistent names I have heard from all sources.

Ariel and Tiana both make sense, as both of their films are celebrating anniversaries this year (35th anniversary of The Little Mermaid, 15th anniversary of The Princess And The Frog), plus it's Black History Month and Tiana was the first African American Disney Princess, but both Cinderella and Aurora could fit too, as they are both symbols of the Disney theme parks, and it's the 55th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty and the 10th anniversary of the live-action Maleficent movie this year. However, I've heard Cinderella more, so we'll have to see who they pick tomorrow!

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