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American Girl Year-End Sale 2021

I'm surprised that AG decided to start their year-end sale on Christmas Eve instead of the day after Christmas. (Probably because the day after Christmas is a Sunday this year.) But here it is, AG's Year-End Sale!

-Pretty Plaid Christmas Dress for WellieWishers- $16

-American Girl 2021 Winter Princess Ornament- $10

-Hearts and Pines Holiday PJs for WellieWishers- $16

-Prabal Gurung Stronger in Colour Shirt- $7

-The Elf on the Shelf Girl Elf Set- $9

-Swim Goggles- $6

-Sparkle Gem Earring Set- $8

-Feeling Fierce Print Jacket- $11

-Sparkling Sequin Kimono- $9

-American Girl Bowling Alley- $75

-Cool Expressions Earrings- $6

-Luciana- $3

-Luciana: Braving the Deep- $4

-Bright Red Sunglasses- $6

-Doll School- $5

-Fashion Accessories- $9

-Julie's Basketball Court- $32

-Ringmaster Outfit for WellieWishers- $14

-Tenney in the Key of Friendship- $7

-Julie's Pinball Machine- $75

-Courtney's Denim Jacket- $10

-Courtney's Jeans- $9

-American Girl Parties Cookbook- $9

-Tenney's Journal- $8

-Saige Paints the Sky DVD- $5

-According to Aggie- $3

-Classic Atlanta Tee for Dolls- $3

-Doll Outdoors- $5

-Styling Spaces Book- $7

-Classic Kansas City Tee- $3

-Doll Scrapbook- $14

-Maryellen: The One and Only (Spanish translation)- $5

-Fun Fish Swimsuit and Cover-Up- $18

-The Sky's the Limit: My Journey with Maryellen- $7

-Captain of the Ship: A Caroline Classic- $7

-Truly Me Outfit- $14

-Kit Kittredge: An American Girl DVD- $5

-Which _ Are You? Quiz Book- $7

-WellieWishers Sleepover Set- $19

-Lea to the Rescue DVD- $5

-Doll Travel- $5

-Doll Farm and Feast- $5

Plus, the items in AG's Last Chance outlet, which already have significant markdowns, are 10% off!

Good luck getting the items you want in this sale! I'm not participating in the sale since I'm going to be showered in AG stuff for Christmas, Corinne's release and my birthday in January, but I hope everyone else gets good stuff!

P.S: I don't know when or why I stopped doing posts on the Monthly Deals! Should I bring those posts back in the new year?

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Courtney's Jeans are back! Get them while you still can!

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