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Assigning Every Miraculous To An American Girl Doll

I got this post suggestion and loved it a lot, so I figured while I wait for the new episode of Miraculous Ladybug to make it's worldwide premiere, I'd assign every Miraculous (superpowered jewel) from Miraculous Ladybug to an American Girl doll based on personality!

if you don't watch the Miraculous show and want to know more about the powers than I explained in this post, click here for a list of all of them! I only did the ones that have been featured in the main show: nothing from the New York or Shanghai specials were covered.

MIRACULOUS: Ladybug Earrings

POWER: Creation

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Maryellen. She's very creative and isn't afraid to do whatever she believes in- she'd make a perfect Ladybug!

MIRACULOUS: Black Cat Ring

POWER: Destruction

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Joss. I don't know why, but I just feel like she's pretty powerful, so she could have the power of destruction...

MIRACULOUS: Fox Necklace

POWER: Creating illusions

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Gwynn. I know, not an 18 inch doll, but due to the "purple eyed Gwynn" thing that could have been mistaken as an illusion, I feel like she would be a good pick.

MIRACULOUS: Turtle Bracelet

POWER: Protection

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Samantha. She'd do anything to help out her friends, and the turtle miraculous is probably the most powerful support miraculous.

MIRACULOUS: Bee Haircomb

POWER: Immobilizing opponents

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Lanie. She loves backyards and bugs, especially bees.

MIRACULOUS: Butterfly Brooch

POWER: Give other people superpowers

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Luciana. Throughout her books, she developed her abilities as a leader, and I could see her using the butterfly miraculous the way it was intended to be used... *cough cough Gabriel Agreste*


POWER: Creating sentient beings ("sentimonsters") based on emotions

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Kaya. She has some of the most animals in all of American Girl, and most sentimonsters are kind of like animals.

MIRACULOUS: Mouse necklace

POWER: Multiplication

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Nicki. With all the commitments she had in book 1, she could have used the power to multiply herself!

MIRACULOUS: Ox nose ring

POWER: Being immune to all other superabilities

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Just Like You 13. She was the longest running Truly Me doll. Immune to retirement until last year.

MIRACULOUS: Tiger bracelet

POWER: Powerful punches

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Maritza. I could imagine her using those punches to power up her soccer balls...

MIRACULOUS: Bunny stopwatch

POWER: Time travel

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Kirsten. Bangs weren't popular in the 1850s, but AG only made one wig for the first 3 dolls, so Kirsten had them. That qualifies her as a time traveler.

MIRACULOUS: Horse glasses

POWER: Teleportation

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Kira. She traveled halfway through the world (during a global pandemic, no less), and no AG doll has traveled further than she has.

MIRACULOUS: Snake bracelet

POWER: Going back in time to redo things

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Molly. If she had a "second chance" to do all of her math homework, she'd use it...

MIRACULOUS: Monkey circlet

POWER: Ruining other people's superpowers

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Kit. I think she'd enjoy that power...

MIRACULOUS: Goat hair clips

POWER: Creating any nonmagical object

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Saige. She likes art, so she could be good at that...

MIRACULOUS: Dog collar

POWER: Quick retrieval of objects

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Corinne. She trained her own dog to rescue her from the mountains...

MIRACULOUS: Rooster ring

POWER: Any power that isn't granted by another miraculous

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Claudie. She hasn't decided what she wants to do with her life yet, but she likes to try new things, so being able to choose different powers would be up her alley.

MIRACULOUS: Pig bracelet

POWER: Showing people their greatest desires

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL AND WHY: Nanea. She spent a good chunk of her books helping people in the war through distraction, so I think she'd be good at using this power!

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olivia!! 🌷🌷
olivia!! 🌷🌷
Oct 25, 2022

for your next post you should assign american girl doll characters to characters from miraculous! (for example, corinne as marinette even though that makes no sense) just an idea!!


ooh, please do the other powers too! I am not aquainted to miraculous ladybug, but I think I might just do a stopmotion with these dolls with these superpowers...

ooh. I think I might just have a really fun idea!

Replying to

Oh, ok. Makes sense - I haven't seen it, and can't even find useful snippets on youtube, just lots of stuff out of context. I can definitely make something up : ). My youtube channel is Effie Me and My Dolls. It's pretty new. I've been doing them on and off for a little over a year, but I haven't really got an upload schedule, because, well, life.

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